Co-Curricular Activities (CCAs) are the components of non-academic curriculum that help to develop various facets of the personality of the child. For all-round development of the child, there is a need of emotional, physical, spiritual and moral development that is complemented and supplemented by Co-curricular Activities. The CCA programme in Christ Academy is designed to cater to the growth of the ‘Whole Child’.

Cricket is a 165 year old sport in India. The bat and ball game, started in England is fondly played everywhere and no exception to the court of Christ Academy. Mr. Harish our cricket coach efficiently imparts the knack of the game to our students. The expansive playground of Christ Academy is of great benevolence to our young cricketers.
Out door sports completes the physical growth of a child. Under the able tutelage of Mr. Purushothaman M K & Ms. Seema Sadananda H, interested students learn the rubrics of the game. The many wins in the Inter- School Basket Ball championships vouch for the effectiveness of the coaching.
The fine tuning of the arm movements that help create champions is done with Mr. Shyam kumar Mishra. Mr. Mishra coaches the tennis enthusiasts in Tennis.
The joy of perfect balance on Roller skates, the easy gliding movements have to be experienced to be believed. Mr. Anand trains the young ones in a dedicated skating area. The sounds of high glee that emanate from the skating classes often fill the air.
In today’s fraught world every child has to have some knowledge of self defence. Sensei Radhakrishnan takes this to another level where students learn a measure of control besides the moves with ‘Empty Hands’.
Acknowledged the world over as an effective stress-buster, students at Christ Academy learn the asanas from Mr. Manish & Mrs. Hema L M. Apart from these, students also benefit from the breathing exercises that train them in proper inhalation and exhalation of breath.
The concentration needed to keep the ball moving back and forth on the ping pong table aids focus. Students learn the intricacies of this indoor cum movement sport from Mr. Narayanan Unni M
Coach Phurbu Tsering is quite the maestro with the football. He is able to transfer this enthusiasm to the young learners of this game which teaches team spirit above all else. It also aids instilling discipline and competitive spirit in the students.
The perfect throws that translate into wins in volley ball is taught by Coach Muhammed Basheer T K. The stamina needed by students for this game also helps in their over-all development.
To the students so inclined, Mrs. Girija Sanketi provides training in Carnatic music. The vocal training given as part of this helps in hitting the high notes. It promotes voice modulation and strengthening of vocal chords.
Musical ability aids the aesthetic growth of a student’s personality. The discipline and dexterity imparted by lessons in Key board and piano help the child in other areas of her/his education as well. Mr. Jinto George supports students in bringing out their latent musical ability.
The guitar becomes an extension of the hand under the guidance of Mr.Leo Rison. Students learn to strum popular and classical numbers whereby they get trained to use the guitar as an expression of their creativity.
Under the creative guidance of Mr. Joseph P C, Mr. Manjunath, Mr. Ram Krishna & Mrs. Arthy the students interested in art, painting, modeling, drawing, pencil sketching etc, further develop their talent. The canvas often becomes a tool of innovative self expression with these masters.
It is said to be the complete exercise as it involves the focused movement of the whole body. With Mr. Sangappa as swimming coach, the students learn the various moves so necessary for proper swimming.
It trains the mind in number crunching using the oldest computer in the world. The facility gained in Abacus classes aid the students in their Mathematics classroom. Mrs. Usha Sridhar, Mrs.Maheswari, Mrs.Sowmya K, & Mrs. R Ashwini and team have long years of experience in training young people in abacus.
Dance is one of the highest forms of artistic expression. The lessons learnt here help students emote better and it also supports innovation in expression. Mrs. Viji Sathish & Mr. Denny T V is a committed dancer who helps the students in their aesthetic development.
Frankness and clarity in language and personality is supported by these activities. It helps to develop co-ordination, adjustment, speech fluency, extempore expressions, etc. among students. Under the able guidance of Ms. Maria and team, these classes provide ample scope for creative venting.
Vedic Maths are a collection of Techniques to solve mathematical arithmetic in easy and faster way. It consists of 16 Techniques and 13 sub-techniques which can be used for problems involving arithmetic calculations.Using regular mathematical steps, solving problems sometimes are complex and time consuming. But using Speed / Mental Mathematics’ General Techniques and Specific Techniques numerical calculations can be done very fast.