News- 2021-22


“Literature is the immortality of speech.” – August Wilhelm von Schlegel

Efflorescence , the literary fest 2021 for ICSE and CBSE students commenced on June 14th and concluded on July 11th. Students of grades I to X participated in an array of events consisting of reading and writing competitions such as Treasure Hunt, we two un/alike, Rhyme-a-limerick, Saddle up and Read, World up your Fingertips and many more. The immense talents of the participants were felicitated on July 24th during an online celebration of their literary works. Dr. Shilpi Banerjee, Associate Professor at Azim Premji University served as the chief guest of the event. She encouraged students to explore the joys of reading. One of the highlights of the online programme was the friendly banter between William Shakespeare and Mr. Shashi Tharoor, scripted by the creative minds at the English department. Other highlights included glimpses of the students’ literary talents. Rev. Fr. Joice, Principal, Christ Academy ICSE, graced the event and spoke about the impact of books and the power of words.

GREEN GENESIS – Raising awareness about the importance of ecosystem restoration.

Though the road to saving our planet from destruction might seem hard and next to impossible, every small step counts. With this idea in mind, Christ Academy Junior College held ‘Green Genesis 2021’ on the 5th of June, an online programme to raise awareness about the importance of ecosystem restoration, the theme for this year’s Environment Day. We also celebrated Fresher’s Day, a day to welcome our fellow juniors of grade 11 to the CAJC family for the new academic year. After the prayer dance, the Chief Guest of the day, Rev Fr Dr Babu Paul, enlightened us with his words of wisdom and also inaugurated the blog - Teens4Green - an online platform where students can share anything from articles, to artwork related to the environment. It is a perfect way to bring about more awareness and provide an opportunity for all of us students to learn and share our own knowledge.

We then had the enthralling cultural programmes. The students of 2nd PUC expressed their love for nature through a creative skit and a melodious rendition. Our beloved Principal, Rev. Dr. Fr. Joice then spoke to us about the adverse effects that we humans have unintentionally had on our environment, and sparked in us the hope that saving our planet was still in our hands. Grade 12 ISC then presented a skit on depletion of oxygen - which I was lucky enough to be a part of! Along with this, we also had meme making, poster making and video making competitions on the occasion, of which many entries were displayed during the programme. Then, we had a presentation by CBSE, showcasing the beauty of the Earth, followed by a skit on land pollution and a programme on noise pollution. Of course, not only does CAJC just have talented students, but also amazing teachers, who then showed off their own little pieces of nature in their homes, inspiring us to bring a little more green into our lives. All of us thoroughly enjoyed the programme and were left with a sense of responsibility towards making better decisions in the future, so that we can protect this planet we call home

Environment Day – One Earth One Life.

Under the flagship of the department of Science, Christ Academy ICSE & CBSE schools observed Environment Day on June 4th. It was a day-long celebration which kick started with a flamboyant assembly in the morning. The most significant part of the celebration was the speech by the dentist-turned-environmentalist Dr. Shanthi Tummala. In her eye-opening speech, she advocated the importance of minimizing plastics; especially single-use plastics. It was followed by declaration of prize winners of various events that were held as a part of the Environment Day Fest 2021. Students of grades 1 to 10 displayed passionate dedication to nurturing the environment through various creative avenues; whether it was creatingtray gardens, enacting a play about the environment, or debates. They did not fail to impress. Judges had a challenging time evaluating their contributions. Another one of the highlights was the mock UN press conference conducted by the MUN students on various environmental issues.


Prastavana, a week-long teachers’ orientation programme was organized from May 24thto May 31st. On the agenda was a series of sessions to enhance teaching skills with current pedagogies. The department of Mathematics led an illuminating discussion with story-oriented classroom as an interesting pedagogy and learning process. Dr. Mridula, CAIAS, undertook a session which threw light on the importance of understanding the young learner’s mind. A session on managing time in a stress free manner for educators by Mr. Vinay Kumar of CAIAS was vital considering the current times we live in. Mr. Jose Sebastian, a member of our parent community, led the teachers through an insightful session with his views on parents as prominent stakeholders in the education system. Advocate Jasmine of Christ Academy Institute of Law helped teachers to navigate the legal aspects of education pertaining to academicians. The department of Science involved the teachers in activity-based teaching – a profound learning pedagogy. The English department captured the merits of Introducing drama and theatre in teaching and its evolution as an art form to enhance visual learning skills. The social studies department engaged teachers in an emerging area of pedagogy - gamification as a teaching tool to increase critical thinking. The online sessions were interspersed with department meetings and preparation for the new academic year. Rev. Dr. Fr. Babu Paul, Manager, Rev. Dr. Fr. Joice, Principal, Christ Academy and Rev. Fr. Arun, Vice-Principal, had graced the programme and played a pivotal role in spearheading the programme.

Teachers of Christ Academy participated in an online training programme on June12th ‘Hands On Training: Online Tools to Support Remote Teaching and Blended Learning’ conducted by Dr. Binu Thomas, Marian College, Kuttikkanam, and were awarded participation certificates for the same. The programme was organized by CMI Devamatha Province.

Christ Academy also initiated ‘Un Nuovo Inizio’, a teachers’ orientation programme for various other schools such as Christ Jyothi School, Assam, Christ Jyothi Convent School, Allahabad, Chavara Public School, Dhule. CMI Public School, Pavarati and Lissiex CBSE school, Coimbatore. The orientation was conducted over a period of time in June. It was an edifying experience to interact with educators from other institutions.

PRASTAVANA- Punarbhava – Reigniting Minds

Our second virtual academic year officially took form on June 2nd. Aptly titled ‘Punarbhava - Reigniting minds’, the goal set for this year was to fine tune the minds of our young learners helping them explore the wealth of knowledge, stirring their curiosity. The English department organized a soulful assembly, prayerfully welcoming our students and new faculty members. Powerful words of wisdom from our Principal, Rev. Fr. Dr. Joice fuelled our motivation to keep sight of our goal. Punarbhava was a perfect launch pad that ensured a wonderful start to the new academic year, 2021-22

PRASTAVANA- Solid Waste Management-Practical living

As a part of the science month activities, Christ Academy organized an online session for female staff members on ‘Solid Waste Management on 19th June. The speaker for the session Dr Shanthi Tummala is the winner of the prestigious Kempegowda award, 2019, and Karnataka Women Achievers award, 2019, for her selfless contribution in solid waste management. It was a very insightful session that provided participants with innovative ways on solid waste management.

International Yoga Day

Christ Academy’s Sports department organized a week-long yoga programme from 21st June to 25thto celebrate International Yoga Day. Live yoga sessions were conducted for students and teachers of grades 1 to 4 ICSE and CBSE schools, students of grades XI and XII and PUC 1st year and 2nd year students. During the week, students of grades 1 to 4 enjoyed 45-minute sessions of different Yoga Asanas, Pranayama, and simple breathing techniques. Students of grade 5 and above practiced yoga soon after the assembly under the guidance of their teachers. Yoga asana videos were incorporated into the assembly and later sent to students to practice by themselves. The physical education classes also incorporated yoga asanas into their sessions for students of grades 5 to 10

On 26th June, the Sports department organised a special Yoga workshop for teachers ‘YOGA FOR HEALTH, CONCENTRATION AND HAPPINESS’. The session was held by Fr. Anto Mundanmany – an esteemed Yoga Psychologist, Director of Saccidananda Ashram, Narsinghpur and President of the Federations of Christian Ashrams in India.

BUDS-Birthday Celebrations

On June 26th, Buds celebrated the first among a series of monthly birthday celebrations. An introduction of the birthday babies was followed by a jolly time of interactive games such as ‘Cookies’ and ‘Just Freeze’. On the whole, Buds had an entertaining time of fun and frolic


June 5th is observed as Environment Day the world over. The Blooms of Christ Academy celebrated the day in an extraordinary manner. Students were made aware of environmental issues such as global warming and ozone layer depletion through songs, stories, slogans and other hands-on activities. They were taught the ways in which they could do their part to protect their environment by emphasising on the three -Rs'- Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle. Children also shared pictures depicting their efforts in keeping their surroundings green and clean.

Doctor's Day- Honouring our saviours

On July1st, Blooms celebrated National Doctor's Day. It was an occasion marked to pay tribute to doctors and their contribution to society. The onset of the pandemic brought to light the essentiality of doctors and their contribution towards humanity. Members of our parent community who were from the medical field were the special guests of this event and were honoured during this online programme by students and teachers. Overall it was an informative session for students.


The 19th Edition of Christ Academy Model United Nations was hosted virtually on the 7th and 8th of August. The conference was conducted via Google Meet. Mock sessions had been conducted for the new joinees via a general orientation on the 31st of July and a committee-specific orientation on 1st August. The mock sessions enabled the students to gain more practical knowledge about MUN procedures and this heightened their confidence to engage in the official session.

The 19th Edition saw 205 participants, ranging from grades 6th to 12th students of ICSE, CBSE, PU and ISC boards. Rishab Doshi served as the Secretary General. The edition comprised five committees; namely, United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), United Nations Security Council (UNSC), World Health Organisation (WHO), General Assembly 5 (GA-5) and European Council (EC)

UNSC was chaired by Thanmay Iyer. The committee deliberated upon the South China sea conflict. UNEP was chaired by Ganga Pramod and Abhineet RK. The committee discussed on the socio-economic impact of climate change on middle and low-income countries. WHO was chaired by Smriti Bhardwaj and Vice Chair Leo Steve. The committee discussed the regulation of COVID-19 vaccine in light of the attainment of SDG-3. EC was chaired by Rishab Doshi, Akshith Sainarayan and Vice Chair Naren Maran. The committee talked about the global financial crisis on account of Chinse Instability. GA-5 was chaired by Vishal Gali, Atul Puri and Vice Chair Lakshmi Rajeev. They suggested measures to assist low-income countries to recover from the financial impact of Covid-19 using UNCDF. The conference came to an end with the following delegates from each committee winning awards for their performances:

WORLD HEALTH ORGANISATION: Aarush De of Czech Republic won Best Delegate. Medhansh Nair of Republic of Azerbaijan, and Anna Maria Cijo of Canada won Honourable Delegate 1 and Honourable Delegate 2 respectively. Nishadh P of the Russian Federation, and Nidhi N.U of Cuba wib Commendable Delegate 1 and Commendable Delegate 2 respectively. UNITED NATIONS SECURITY COUNCIL: Aaditya S Rao of the People's Republic of China won Best Delegate. Adithya Acharya of the United Kingdom and Mridhul Krishna of the Philippines won Honourable Delegate 1 and Honourable Delegate 2 respectively. Yakob Jo Alapatt of the United States of America and Paul Martin of New Zealand won Commendable Delegate 1 and Commendable Delegate 2 respectively.

UNITED NATIONS ENVIRONMENT PROGRAMME: Ashray Bhat, United States of America was Best Delegate, Anish G of Australia, Honourable Delegate 1, Johan Stanley of Norway won Honourable Delegate 2. Thanmay J of South Africa won Commendable Delegate 1 and Sriram Venkitta, Canada won Commendable Delegate 2

EUROPEAN COUNCIL: Pooja Reddy V of Liechtenstein won Best Delegate, Krishna Nair of the Federal Republic of Germany won Commendable Delegate and Daksha V Deepak of Czech Republic won Honourable Delegate

GENERAL ASSEMBLY 5: Shreya Chougule of the United States of America won Best Delegate. Jaswanth PP of the Arab Republic of Egypt won Honourable Delegate and Eric Sam Prasana, The Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal won Commendable Delegate. Avani Goyal of Bangladesh won Commendable Delegate

Investiture ceremony

It was a proud moment on August 14th as the mantle of responsibility was officially placed on the shoulders of Christ Academy’s prefectorial body. Rev. Fr. Dr. Joice, Christ Academy ICSE school, Rev. Fr. Dr. Babu Paul, Manager, Christ Academy Institutions, Rev. Fr. Arun, Vice-Principal, Christ Academy CBSE, and Rev. Fr. Joshua, Vice-Principal, Christ Academy ICSE were the guests of honour at the ceremony. After the prayer song, the new Head Boy and Head Girl of the CBSE and ICSE schools respectively along with other members of the prefectorial board were conferred with sashes and badges. Fr. Joice administered the oath of office


CBSE students of grades 8, 9 and 10 celebrated their Family day ‘Samrakshana’ on 31st July. The focus of the programme was on being ‘Wise with waste’ and embodied a story line about the natural resources of the universe before mankind’s exploitation of it. Some of the highlights of the programme included a dance performance depicting the beauty of Mother Nature at a time when she was untarnished by the effects of waste. Students showcased presentations of their efforts to manage waste in their home environment. A skit scripted and animated by students was another integral part of the programme. Teachers demonstrated methods of re-purposing ordinary and everyday objects to reduce wastage. Through ‘Samkrashana’ students made an impactful statement about the need to protect the environment.

Independence Day 2021

Students of Christ Academy observed the 75th Anniversary of our nation’s independence on the morning of August 15th as participants on a virtual platform. The school’s security staff marched across the school grounds proudly raising our glorious symbol of freedom. Rev. Dr. Fr. Davis Panakkal, the Provincial, CMI Devamatha Province was the chief guest of the event and hoisted the flag to the rendering of the national anthem. He encouraged the virtual audience to pursue the path of perseverance, dedication and commitment to the nation.

Firefly – Celebrating Teachers’ day

Students of grades 9 and 10 drew upon their technical talents to host ‘Firefly’ the Teachers’ day programme conducted on September 5th. The kindergarten section paid tribute through speeches, song and dance performances and slokas. Grades 1 to 5 students honoured their teachers through speeches and group dance performances. Rev. Fr. Dr. Joice, Rev. Fr. Arun, and Rev. Fr. Joshua thanked the teachers for their positive influence and the great work they do. Students displayed handmade greeting cards to express their love. One of the highlights of the programme was the song ‘You have made a difference’ sung by students of grade 4 CBSE. Students of grades 6 and above showed their appreciation through dance performances, humorous skits and videos portraying different types of students in online classes. It was indeed a heart-warming event.

Punarujeevanam - Revival for Survival

Punarujeevanam the Family day celebration by Grade 7 students was focused on the restoration of the elements Water, Air and Earth. It was held on Sep 11th at 11 am. One of the main highlights of the programme was a farm tour by Ovia of grade 7 and her father Mr. Jayakumar Krishnaswamy, who displayed the ecosystem restoration techniques implemented in his farm. Students held fast to theme of spreading awareness of the effects of pollution and how we as a society have contributed to the destruction of natural resources of our planet. In the course of the programme students spoke at length about the problems which affected the elements. They showcased various ways of conserving and restoring water, air, and earth through activities they undertook to help the cause. Cultural programmes such as dance performances, Karaoke, and a skit were some of the other features of the programme. The teachers of grade 7 also pitched in to spread awareness on the importance of conserving the elements.

Tarang 2021

Christ Academy’s ICSE and CBSE students participated in their cultural fest Tarang 2021 on August 28th. Their zeal and enthusiasm were evident as they put their best foot forward and their endeavours were rewarded during the live steaming of Tarang 2021 on You Tube. Students of grades 1 to 8 participated in events ranging from nature-themed fancy dress competitions, mono act on the five elements of nature and selfie nature hunts. Some of the other highlights included ‘Green Hand’s – a video produced by grade 7 students and a nature-themed video documentary by grade 8 students. Solo song and dance performances were interspersed with the prize distribution ceremony. Another thrilling segment of the programme were the congratulatory messages from prominent Kannada artistes.


Lakshita Bopaiah of grade 10 ICSE, represented India in the in the International Online Karate Championship held by Dynamic Shotokan Karate Do Association, World Union of Martial Arts Federations , and was awarded the 1st place in the category of Female Black Belt. Bringing additional laurels is her sister, Mokshitha Bopaiahof grade 7 ICSE who represented India in the same event and was awarded the 2nd place in the category of Black Belt. The event was held from September 10th to 15th.

Anushka Tyagi of grade 4 CBSE has won in the Intermediate Semi-classical Dance category of the Indian Raga Competitions for the month of August 2021.

EARTHLINGS – Tiny steps for a better world

Students of grade 6 ICSE celebrated their Family day ‘Earthlings on August 7th. As is suggested by the name of the programme, love for the earth and taking tiny steps to save it made for an ideal theme. Some of the highlights of the programme included a TED talk presentation on ‘Tales of the extinct for the life of the precious’, and ‘My Magical Hands’ – a video project depicting the activities undertaken by students to care for environment and cultivate a love for it. ‘Help me live!!’ was another project showcasing the care of animals and being accountable for their well-being. Mr. Shailendra Patil, from Sasken Technologies and leader of the environmental group ‘Prakriti’ was the chief guest of the occasion held the virtual audience spellbound with his passion for nature.


The first edition of Feathers of Hope for the academic year 2021-22 was published in July and focused its theme on National Doctor’s day and World Population Day. We chose these two themes because as we all know, doctors have played a pivotal role during this pandemic. The great variation that we could see in population change during the pandemic, we need to share our vision and look for the outcome which benefits everyone in all aspects.

We had two legendary personalities as our chief guests for the release of the July edition; Fr. Cedric Prakash is the founder-director of Prashant, an Ahmedabad-based Jesuit Centre for Human Rights, Justice and Peace. In January 2016, he was appointed to Beirut, Lebanon, where he worked for three years with the Jesuit refugee service (JRS). Fr. Cedric Prakash is named Chevalier of the Legion of Honour, the highest French civilian award, acknowledging his commitment to the defence and the promotion of human rights in India. He has also been awarded numerous other awards - the Rafi Ahmed Kidwai award presented for humanitarian work by the Indian Muslim Council, USA in 2003, the Kabir Puraskar conferred on him by the President of India for his work in the promotion of communal harmony and peace in 1995, and the minorities rights award by the National Commission for minorities of the government of India in 2006. He was one of the recipients of Mother Teresa awards for social justice in 2013.

Our other eminent guest was Jacqui Benson. A landmark seminar leader, she helps people to discover how to be true to their selves, having self-belief in one's vision and backing it when no one else does, the value of hard work, and of course the interdependence of human relationships - no business exists without people. She lives in South Africa and leads people to the success they are meant for. We had a very enlightening and thought-provoking session with our honourable chief guests. Few of our peers interacted with them and cleared any queries or doubts regarding the session and the answers that our guests gave really made us see our lives differently


The theme for this year’s Family day was natural restoration. After a robust two months of planning the event along with training the students for various segments, to create greater and stronger awareness about the various facets of the environment and how every human action leaves an imprint on our world, Grade 4 ICSE paid a rich tribute to Mother Nature’s resilience titled Prithvi Shokla -Songs of the Earth on 24 September. A platform which helped educate students about respecting life in every form. Heart-warming performances from the participants guaranteed a meaningful 60 minutes.

Nisarga Nisvana-Voice of Nature

Grade 5 ICSE students of Christ Academy celebrated Family day Nisarga Nisvana-Voice of Nature. Students performed the roles of the four elements of nature and drew attention to the need to cherish and preserve the Earth. The highlights of the programme included a mime performance depicting the evolution of man. A dance performance by the fifth graders depicted the transition from tribal farming practices to modern methods practised today.

Children participated in a ramp walk showcasing mankind’s callousness to the harm they cause to their environment. An educational skit was conducted in Hindi about how volcanoes and earthquakes occur. A Kannada skit highlighting the need to ban plastic and save water showed the audience that indeed; we have reason to hope for a better future if we do what is right for the Earth. The chief guest of the programme Mrs. Smitha Hemadri, a notable Nature Cure Lifestyle coach, encouraged and inspired students to stay connected with Mother Nature.


Mihika Soni of grade 7 participated in the Karnataka State Shooting Championship 2021 Rifle/Pistol held at Bangalore from February 23rd to February 28th and secured the 10th position in 10m air rifle under 14 years, youth woman category.

BUDS - World First Aid Day

World First Aid Day was celebrated on September 15th by the Buds section of Kindergarten. Children were familiarised with things which are available in the first aid box such as Dettol, antiseptic cream, and cotton. They were taught of its uses during times of crises.

Blooms of Kindergarten Section-Plant Day & Tree Day

“Education is not the learning of facts but the training of the mind to think.”-Albert Einstein

Blooms organised participated in Tree Day & Plant Day on September 4th. Tiny tots were made aware of the threat to Mother Nature. Children were dressed in green attire to spread the message 'Say No to Plastic', ‘Save Trees’ and ‘Save Water’. They were instructed as to how they can keep their surroundings clean, grow plants, water them and the things required for the growth of plants.

Teachers’ day at Kindergarten

A good teacher can inspire hope, ignite the imagination & install a love of learning. –Brad Henry

The Kindergarten section celebrated Teachers’ day by making cards for their teachers. They were made aware that Teachers’ day is celebrated to mark the birthday of Dr. S. Radhakrishnan who was our first president and a great teacher and philosopher.


Christ Academy Group of Institutions, known for conducting benevolent projects for the welfare of the society, has once again launched a new programme titled “Akshara Belaku” . This programme aims at extending academic support to the students from rural places around the institution. Christ Academy has adopted four villages namely Hulahalli, Bingipura, Koppa and C.K.Palya. It facilitates the students to supplement their learning in English, Science and Mathematics for the students from the government schools of the aforementioned villages. The inauguration of the project was held on Wednesday, the 10th of November 2021 at 4:30 PM. Rev. Fr. Dr. Babu Paul, Manager, Christ Academy Group of Institutions welcomed the gathering and Rev. Fr. Dr. Joice, Principal, Christ Academy Junior College delivered the inaugural address. Mr. Naveen Kumar, Co-ordinator of the programme was the Master of Ceremony. The prayer song was sung by the students from the local government schools followed by lighting of lamp. Later, notebooks and other stationery were distributed to the children. More than 80 students participated in the inauguration ceremony and remedial tutorials are held on all weekdays from 4:30 to 6:15 PM. Dr. Theporal S and Ms. Malathi are the subject experts in English. Ms. Eshwari, Dr.Shashikumar , Mr. Raghunandhan are the experts for both Science and Mathematics respectively.


Children’s day an annual event may sound clichéd but never so when it comes to celebrate it year after year at Christ Academy school. The event began by a heart-warming speech by Rev.Fr. Joice and was followed by the vibrant and brilliant performance by teachers that left our children in awe.

The video which relayed the little prodigies of Christ Academy added an extra zing to the viewers and mostly the other students who were definitely touched, moved and inspired. The event beyond a doubt always exemplifies the quote- “Children are the most valuable resources in the world and its best hope for the future.”

DCL 2021

DCL (Deepika Children’s League) is a registered organization for school children aiming at their integral growth in social, cultural and religious fields.

Christ Academy ICSE and CBSE schools participated in Blooms - an online Inter-school Cultural Competition organised by Deepika Children’s League (DCL) from October 17th to 31st 2021.

DCL Blooms: Students participated in the grade 5 – 10 categories for English and Kannada elocution, solo dance, solo song, 1-minute video production, mehendi designing and collage. The students of Christ Academy ICSE school participated with great enthusiasm and won 1st Runners up and Christ Academy CBSE school won the 2nd runners up

DCL Writathon:

Christ Academy ICSE and CBSE schools participated in Writathon– the literary competition organised by Deepika Children’s League (DCL) from October 17th to 31st 2021. Our students excelled in the poetry and essay writing competitions.

‘Druhyu’ - Grade 3 ICSE Family Day 2021

‘Druhyu, defined as ‘the one who loves nature’ was a ‘Walk the Talk’ kind of Family Day for the 3rd grade students of Christ Academy, which was held on virtual platform on 27th November 2021.

As the title goes, our little ones with their pragmatic approach gave out a message to their families and the world at large to be wise with waste generated and segregated. They displayed their awareness of the same in various ways such as avoiding food wastage, terrace gardening, conserving water, creating environment friendly products, decluttering, waste, segregation to up- cycling. On the lighter side of the show our young talents enthralled the viewers with their dance performances.Family day in its actual essence included the parents as well. As their contribution, they displayed their creative works of art. The show indeed was a delight and a strong call for sustainable living.

Grade 8 ICSE - Family Day- ‘Jal Rakshak’

Let’s get serious about water is the mantra that resonates all over India. The first little steps to save the little drops is obviously from home, so what theme could be more apt for our Family Day?

Grade 8 ICSE celebrated Family Day on the 27th of November. ‘ Jal Rakshak’ – the water warriors was the theme with cry‘ Save water today, save life tomorrow.’ Students donning the role of warriors were right on court roping in their family members in various activities like collecting bottles to make mini green houses, making paper bags out of newspapers, case studies, drawings and poster- making, mime and street play and a presentation on sewage treatment and rain water harvesting. The latter two were the major highlights as students had an opportunity for experiential learning of the same.

Naivedyam- Purity at its best - Family Day Celebration CBSE Grades 5, 6 & 7

Naivedyam, the CBSE Grade 5,6 & 7 Family Day celebrations were held on November 20th on the virtual platform. Students focused on the concept and importance of organic farming. The harmful effects of pesticides on mankind were depicted by an interesting storyline which emphasised the importance of going back to our roots and using organic products to help revive the Earth. Some of the highlights of the programme included the various stages of farming through a melodious song by the students, showcasing the process of sowing, followed by a dance performance depicting the harvesting season of different states. Students along with their families presented their efforts in growing an organic garden in their home. The programme concluded with a graceful dance performance by parents and teachers paying homage to Mother Nature. Through ‘Naivedyam’ students made an impactful statement about the need to protect the environment

Education Today

We are proud to inform you that Christ Academy ICSE has been ranked No.10 in India, No.4 in Karnataka & ranked No.4 in Bengaluru in the category- ‘India`s Top 20 ICSE Board’ in a survey conducted by Education Today.

Kannada Prathiba Pareekshe

There are variegated feats adopted for sustaining our state language Kannada, in that lieu Tara Mandala Siri Kannada Balagha organizes and conducts an annual event ‘Kannada Prathibha Pareekshe’. The year 2021 had 27 students of grade 7 and grade 8 enrolling, it was an event of merit as 3 students at state level and 3 students at district level topped with a rank. The remaining 21 students without a tie stood first at school level. Christ Academy was appreciated for maximum participation and was honored as the ‘Best School Award’ at the state level for the year 2021- 2022.


It was the most awaited and joyous event of the year, ‘Graduation Day’ of our kindergartners. The pride and the contentment of the faces of the teachers, the totty graduates and most of all the proud parents was worth a watch. The two year hard work of the trio paid off as the same was marked by ceremony of conferring graduation caps and reading out of the title by the teachers. The little cherubs were showered with blessings and a thanksgiving prayer was sung. Rev. Fr. Arun, the Vice Principal blessed and congratulated the young graduates for their success in further and future milestones.

Family Day – Buds , Theme- Prakhyath (The Renowned)

‘I AM EXTRAORDINARY’ is the possibility that every human is born with, to realise this the Families of the Buds celebrated their Family Day named ‘Prakhayth’. Every renowned personality of India was researched on and their feats understood and thus each one was inspired to view the beauty of India from a proud perspective and endure the legacy. The event got all the more got interesting with a galore of performances by the parents that were euphonic and the entire program was laudable.

Grade 1- ICSE Family Day, ‘’Cassia’’

Mother Nature is our nurturer and keeping her clean is no less than an act of spirituality. To make this an experience, the 1st graders Family Day was themed and rightly named Cassia, a tree known for its beauty and quality. The event had a whole gamut of programs from digging in the dirt to flying in the fairy gardens, listening to stories on nature, touching down to be inventors and explorers, being wise with water – water harvesting and saving, and as a cutting edge of the program was the pledge taken by the young warriors to Save Earth, Save a Life. The program was certainly a deep dive learning for students, teachers and the parents. The day 15th January 2022 definitely would be hallmarked in the history and the lives of the participants.


Every school is an Alma mater to her children who sail through her portals, but to form and make her is the onus of a founder. Christ Academy the alma mater for thousands of her pupil is the result of a revolutionary and reformatory founder St. Kuriakose Elias Chavara.

It is a grand celebration at Christ Academy to commemorate the contribution of St. Chavara annually on its Founder’s Day. This year the celebration, though was via virtual mode, did not leave any stone unturned to make it a distinct and memorable one. Teachers and students, together made it a glorious celebration by quoting his inspirational words and enacting his biography in form of skit. These programs undoubtedly made its way into the hearts and minds of its viewers. Further the soul stirring and inspiring speech of Rev. Dr. Fr. Sebastian Elvathingal and a thoughtful talk by Fr. Arun , the Vice Principal made the event sublime


Feb 9th is a day earmarked for celebrating the dynamism of a visionary leader and a magnanimous mentor. Lovingly bestowed the title of ‘Maestro’. Rev. Dr. Fr. Joice’s birthday was celebrated virtually with panache. Teachers across the ICSE and CBSE wings organized a fun- filled evening which included a plethora of dances and lilting moments that made for an enjoyable day


True to his name Father Arun shines like a ‘ray of sunshine, lighting up our lives.’ To mark the special day of Rev. Fr. Arun who is an epitome of humility and a wonderful mentor, the teaching and non- teaching staff of Christ Academy came together to celebrate the day with a bang. The teachers and the admin staff sprinkled fun and laughter with foot tapping dances, melodious songs and marked the day as a memorable one.

Blossoms - Graduation Day

Graduation - is a time to celebrate new beginnings and say goodbye to everything that has given you a reason to smile. It is warm memories of the past and big dreams for the future”. Kindergarten graduation is an exciting milestone for pre-primary children as it’s their first step towards a future full of hopes and possibilities. It marks a new beginning that adds new dimensions to their school life and the journey they begin towards knowledge and education.

To celebrate progression and development, the kindergarten of Christ Academy Blossoms celebrated virtual Graduation Day. The graduation cap and title were conferred by the proud parents and teachers to the amazing tiny tots of the kindergarten. Blessings and wishes were bestowed by our Rev Father to the little graduates who are ready to explore and accomplish another milestone.

Christmas Celebration By Kindergarteners

At Christ Academy, we believe that celebrating different festivals is paying a rich tribute to India’s diversity. Keeping the vibrancy of our culture ignited, every festival is celebrated with great zeal keeping the young ones in celebratory mood all year round. The end of the year is welcomed with a grand celebration of Christmas, an exciting affair that has a bagful of surprises for both children and adults.

The virtual celebration of one of the most significant historical events, the birth of Lord Jesus, was enthusiastically celebrated by the children along with their parents and grandparent on the virtual platform. Captivating craft activities like Christmas tree making and exciting games added shine and excitement to whole event.

Report on Fancy Dress Activity

“Playing dress up begins at age 5 and never truly ends.”

To break the monotony of the uniform, the toddlers of Buds participated in the fancy dress activity. The theme was My Favourite Cartoon Character or Famous Personality. Children presented their character with confidence and the involvement of the parents was extremely noteworthy. Children dressed up like their favourite cartoon characters ranging from Chota Bheem to Elsa from the animated movie Frozen. Students also dressed up as famous personalities like Mother Teresa, Narendra Modi, Subhash Chandra Bose etc. The importance of harmonizing our lives with nature can never be underestimated. Some students showcased the idea of importance of trees and how we need to create a balance to live worthwhile lives.

Srishti Parivarthana – Heal the Earth, Heal our Future!

In keeping with the vision of our school for the year, CBSE Primary Grades 1 to 4 celebrated their family day to celebrate the glory of nature. Their theme “Shrishti Parivarthana – Heal the Earth, Heal our Future!” in itself was a prelude to the beautiful presentations that followed. The students showcased their efforts to keep the planet clean and beautiful. Plastics the biggest foe of the earth and its harmful effects were brought to the forefront by the students. The crusaders took upon their small shoulders to enlighten the society about the immediate need for conserving water – Their crusade to inform the masses that “Every drop counts!” was immensely effective and educative.

The students along with their parents showcased their creativity to practise “Reduce! Re-use! Recycle!”, thus making Earth a better place to live in. The Family Day event was successful in spreading the vision of our institution to enlighten our families that it is indeed time that we take care of Mother Earth. It is rightly said “Mother Earth doesn’t need us, but human kind definitely needs her to ensure our continuance in this beautiful green planet”.


‘Those blessings are sweetest that are won with prayer and worn with thanks.’

It was indeed an incredible day as the students, teachers and parents of Grade 10 assembled to celebrate an occasion - ‘Towards a new beginning; the end of a carefully supervised and disciplined school life and a beginning of life in the ‘real world.’

The ceremony commenced with seeking the blessings of God Almighty and the soulful rendition of the prayer song. This was followed by scripture reading, intercessory prayers and the teachers showering their blessings and wishes on their students.

Our Rev Fathers blessing the students of Grade 10, encouraged the students to cherish the lessons inculcated in their characters throughout their lives. The mantra of success doesn’t come by chance, it’s a committed and rigorous practice to achieve success in all the spheres of life.

The program ended with an inspirational message urging the students to spread the light of knowledge across the world.